Pooticorn is like 3 Good Spirit Animals in one.

POOTICORN T-shirt Design by Corinne Alexis Hall.
I was just tired of the typical unicorn farting rainbows and ice cream, so I decided to make one FARTING.

I’m starting up my blog section where I explain my designs, art, paintings, what have you. I feel like starting with this one.

Her name is “POOTICORN”.

She’s like having three spirit animals in one- magical with a touch of humanity and decorum (because she’s obviously a bit mortified that she let one rip while you spotted her in the woods).

I made this one because I was just SO SICK of designs with Unicorns farting rainbows. My friend bought me a t-shirt of that exact idea in, I dunno, 2004? Come on, guys. Get some new subject matter.

But popularity is what it is. So farting unicorns? Why not.

Actually this was a drawing that had NO fart in it- my sister made a point on Facebook that her stance and eye contact suggested the “poot”. So there she is. Pooticorn.

You can find her on products through my RedBubble shop:

Perhaps a farting Unicorn isn’t enough for you, and you need a goth one farting cobwebs? Check out my other T-shirt designs in the gallery.

Do you think Unicorns are real? This guy does. He filmed one outside his office, and can be heard giggling in the audio throughout the video.

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