How do you get time to blog as a mom ever she says. also twins = no.

I have to say I’m happy with certain accomplishments after the twins were born. I survived the early stages of motherhood, waking at four am to feed two babies, letting go of the guilt for having to use formula, adjusting to their new abilities to move around and countering with proper measurements for baby-proofing all surfaces. After some time and the babies became toddlers, art resurfaced in my life. I started making designs for passive income, and eventually turned my focus back to my small apparel company.

When Covid-19 started rampaging NYC, I came up with a mask design based on the needs of desperate health care workers- and somehow my company, Love Nico Tees, got a resurrection. All I did was elaborate on a design I created for front line workers. But that’s when I realized the layman was walking around with open-sided masks that don’t offer any sort of decent protection and no one was comfortable using. I decided to screenprint my prototypes, and make them with the same aesthetics as the rest of my company’s products. It took off.

Recently my sudden surge of sales has died down in the usual retail slowness of July and August. And that was fine. Because raising twin toddlers with that sudden surge of sales was only going to last so long without someone watching them for me. I still spent every day with them, but I started feeling bad about having to disappear before their bedtime, letting dad handle all of their evening routines. They’re so cute before they go to sleep, in their pajamas, running around and trying to prove that they’re not sleepy. I started feeling like I was missing out because I didn’t see them to bed for weeks. The slowing down has meant I could be present and focus on other tasks- there’s a lot of aspects to running a small business.

Social media posts and blogging are big parts of that “other work”. And in theory it’s the kind of thing you can do in the room next to your family.

In theory.

But I’m not sure how people manage to write with screaming kids in their world. And I’m impressed at the people who do.

Despite the creative energy I was building up from the encouraging and sudden resurrection of my company, I could NOT blog. Writing requires, for me, privacy. A room to gather thoughts.

Art, design, apparel, none of that requires privacy. At least not for me. Some disciplines vary greatly from others- there are some things you need to pay attention to and some that you can do while having a conversation. Sketching, for me, is a public affair. I can draw at a bar, a party, on the bus or train. Painting is similar.

But building a website, certain methods of animating, and WRITING- is not something I’ve ever been capable of doing while engaged in something else.

I’m amazed at people who can write after their babies sleep when they’re hanging out in the same room as their partner.

Typically me and my guy WANT to see each other after the girls go to sleep (or at least after they’re placed in their room for the night- sleep may take a while, and giggles spill out from behind their door or onto the monitor).

I relied heavily on parenting blogs during my pregnancy. And reading them so frequently must have given me a false sense of hope for myself.


Do you come up with an outline and rush to your laptop between chicken nuggets and green beans? Do you get inspired by a knot in your kids’ hair and take mental notes? What even is your method, though? Because I’m not seeing one. It’s just not coming to me.

I’m VERY IMPRESSED with people who can write after they’ve had kids.

And not just write but paint a full humorous picture of daily life, descriptive paragraphs and photos and all. I’m working hard to correct this, as blogging is a very necessary component for my company. I’m already behind on a lot of topics and posts, the ideas are there- the photos are in a folder- I’ve even started making videos. But pretty soon I’m going to start reaching out to parent bloggers to ask them- HOW- HOW DO YOU DO IT.

Keep going, parental units.

Corinne Alexis Hall

Corinne Alexis Hall

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I’m an artist, an animator, and I raise identical twin girls.  I work at night after they go to sleep, running downstairs to my basement to make apparel and art for my clothing company Love Nico Tees.

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