A King and His Castle

This was the first real micron pen sketch I worked on. It was commissioned by someone who never purchased it, so I gifted it to my cousin Robert. He went on to use it as a label design for one of his many excellent hot sauces.

The majority of the shading was achieved using crosshatching, though in my later micron work I began incorporating stippling along with it.

I used to really enjoy getting lost in a piece like this (which is time consuming). I would take my sketchbook with me on the train, to a bar, a friend’s house.

Corinne Alexis Hall

Corinne Alexis Hall

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I’m an artist, an animator, and I raise identical twin girls.  I work at night after they go to sleep, running downstairs to my basement to make apparel and art for my clothing company Love Nico Tees.

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