My go to tools of the trade


  • Photoshop

    I've used Photoshop for just about everything it does since the 90's. Photo manipulation, sketching, layouts, print, concept, touchups, graphics.

  • After Effects

    This is my preferred animation and editing program. I have several plugins which allow me to achieve complicated warp and morph movement.

  • Illustrator

    Though I'm relatively new to Illustrator I have completed an 18 hour+ course through LinkedIn Learning (see certificates below). I'm capable of average to mid-level performance within the program. All of my new design work is now done in Illustrator.

  • Dreamweaver

    I have basic web development skills outside of pre-packaged website software, and Dreamweaver is the program I use when creating sites from scratch.

  • Premiere

    I've often used Premiere to edit final versions of films using exported scenes from After Effects. I also use this program to edit sound to film.


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